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Aviation, more than any other mode of transportation, is greatly affected by weather. From thunderstorms and snowstorms to temperature and pressure extremes, every stage of the flight has the potential to be impacted by weather. Commercial aviation, with its more than 100,000 daily flights, must not just deal with these adverse weather conditions regularly, but the costs associated with it as well.

Primary Issues

Temperature Changes

Temperature changes can affect aircraft performance, flight plans, routes and volatile precipitation patterns could increase delays and cancellations.

Wind Pattern Changes

Changing wind patterns could increase turbulence and result in the rerouting of flights and a consequently increase fuel burn.

Potential Impact

  • Considering the potential impacts mentioned above, the two major impacts of weather are safety and efficiency of operations. To enhance safety while attempting to maintain flight schedule integrity, airlines are highly dependent upon accurate weather information.
  • ADS-B Derived Weather Data from AirNav RadarBox helps mitigate this impact by delivering real-time temperature and winds aloft data to airlines, airports, and aviation meteorological service providers. Armed with this robust data, flight management systems can safely and efficiently plan routes ahead of time to avoid adverse weather conditions during the various phases of a flight.

AirNav ADS-B Derived Weather Data

ADS-B Weather API

AirNav’s REST-based ADS-B Derived Weather Data API enables aviation and meteorological service providers to seamlessly integrate real-time temperature and winds aloft data into their applications and products.

Wind speed, wind direction and temperature data are derived from the ADS-B data received in real-time from the multitude of ADS-B equipped aircraft that crisscross our skies every day. This unconventional approach to harnessing weather data is possible because of AirNav's extensive space and ground-based network of 27,000+ ADS-B receivers that receive over 7 billion ADS-B transmissions each day.

Data Feeds

  • Real-time data feeds can be accessed via TCP Stream, HTTP, Kafka and FTP, while customized reports can be delivered upon request.
  • Data via the API is provided in common formats such as JSON and XML but can also be customized as per client requirements.
  • A dedicated team, assigned to every client for setup and onboarding is also available 24x7 for after-sales support and priority issue resolution.

Data Features

API Features

Access real-time data via TCP Stream, HTTP, Kafka

Multiple data formats – JSON, XML

Weather data is displayed in 1,000 ft increments

Customized reports provided on request

Graphical & textual formats available


Optimized Flight Planning

AirNav ADS-B Derived Weather Data ensures flight planning software engines are constantly fed accurate, real-time weather data.

Optimize flight planning through flight management systems to ensure efficient cruising flight levels based on live weather conditions and significantly reduce fuel burn rates.

Reduce aviation fuel expenditure from lower fuel consumption per flight.

Increased Operational Safety

Improve total situational awareness through up-to-date weather reports that indicate adverse weather conditions such as clear air turbulence (CAT).

Increase passenger safety through reduction of in-flight weather-related incidents.

Increase on-time performance while reducing delays, re-routes, cancellations, and insurance payouts caused due to inclement weather.

Reduced Emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions and climate change impact through optimized flight planning and efficient routing.

Reduce contrail-linked climate change by planning and adjusting flight routes so that aircraft can avoid areas where they form.

Ready To Deploy Solution

Seamless integration and deployment

Flexible pricing options

24x7 after-sales support

Free 30-day trial and demo on request

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